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  • Crackfree ductile mode grinding of fused silica under

    2016年10月1日· This paper presents a dry grinding process using a vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel with high temperature resistance to achieve crackfree ductile mode2010年9月1日· Ductile mode grinding was achieved on fused silica When the depth of cut exceeds the critical wheel depth of cut, the surface suddenly changes from the ductileDuctile and Brittle Mode Grinding of Fused Silica ResearchGate

  • Controlled material removal mode and depth of micro

    2017年10月15日· Grinding experiments are conducted on fused silica The undeformed chip thickness of randomly distributed effective grits is simulated based on 3D2021年9月1日· A series of fused silica samples are processed with different grinding parameters, and their SD and SSD depths are measured The theoretical models areModels of grindinginduced surface and subsurface

  • Investigation of Grinding and Lapping Surface Damage

    2019年5月6日· Grinding and lapping damage Fused silica Surface damage has great influence on optical properties, especially the laserinduced damage threshold of optics,Starting from the grinding mechanism of hard and brittle materials, this paper reviews the generation mechanism of subsurface defects in fused silica optical components, the机械工程学报年, 第卷, 第期

  • Crack Propagation Behavior of Fused Silica during Cyclic

    2022年6月29日· In this study, multicyclic indentations under incremental loads were performed on fused silica using two kinds of indenters to clarify the mechanisms of2021年8月30日· This study also demonstrates that 20 million Q for fused silica cylindrical resonators is achievable using a different grinding process combined with chemical etching, which offers possibilities for developingMicromachines | Free FullText | Experimental Study on

  • Analysis of surface errors and subsurface damage in

    2016年4月27日· Abstract The surface errors and subsurface damage (SSD) formed during optical fused silica grinding processes have been investigated using the flexible2015年6月30日· Abstract Subsurface damage (SSD) is a defect that is inevitably induced during mechanical processes, such as grinding and polishing This defect dramaticallySurface roughening of ground fused silica processed by

  • Micromachines | Free FullText | An Investigation into

    2022年7月14日· Subsurface damage of fused silica optics is one of the major factors restricting the performance of optical systems The densificationaffected deformation and fracture in fused silica under aDuctile grinding is an ideal method for producing a mirror finished surface on hard and brittle materials to significantly decrease polishing time However, the fused silica is still difficult to ductile grind because of its high brittleness A creep feed taper grinding method was applied to investigate the relationship between maximum gritDuctile and Brittle Mode Grinding of Fused Silica |

  • Micromachines | Free FullText | Experimental Study on

    2021年8月30日· Extensive studies have been focused on the analysis and prediction of the SSD for the grinding and polishing of fused silica material [29,30,31,32,33] Zhong et al investigated the effect of grinding2012年1月1日· Laserinduced damage of transparent fused silica optical components by 355 nm illumination occurs primarily at surface defects produced during the grinding and polishing processesCharacterizing subsurface damage in loose abrasive grinding of fused

  • Formation mechanism of a smooth, defectfree surface of fused silica

    2019年7月25日· Besides, the cracks on pristine fused silica surfaces introduced by initial grinding process were completely removed by laser polishing to achieve a defectfree surface The maximum laser polishing rate can reach 388 μ m s −1 , much higher than that of the traditional mechanical polishing methods2020年4月21日· Crack depth uniformity control techniques for large scale fused silica optics in grinding process[J] Proceedings of SPIE, 2019, 11068: [19] Zhou L, Wei Q C, Li J, et al The effect of diamond wheel wear on surface and subsurface quality in fused silica optics grinding[J]大口径强激光光学元件超精密制造技术研究进展

  • OSTIGOV The Effect of HF/NH4F Etching on the Morphology of

    2008年4月3日· @article{osti, title = {The Effect of HF/NH4F Etching on the Morphology of Surface Fractures on Fused Silica}, author = {Wong, L and Suratwala, T and Feit, M D and Miller, P E and Steele, R A}, abstractNote = {The effects of HF/NH{sub 4}F, wet chemical etching on the morphology of individual surface fractures (indentations,2019年2月1日· Optical elements will go through grinding, lapping and polishing to reach the final accuracy, and large amount of time is consumed between grinding and polishing in order to remove cracks and defects left by grindingThis manuscript tries to employ HF etching process into the manufacturing of fused silica optical elements to improve theStudy on etching process of fused silica with concentrated HF

  • Experimental study on surface integrity and subsurface damage of fused

    2021年6月12日· 31 Surface characteristic evolution Figure 3 shows the ground surface morphologies under WLI of fused silica at different cutting depths Four typical roughness values (PV, RMS, R z, and R a) and their evolutions at different cutting depths are shown in Fig 4When the cutting depth is 1 μm, the dominant feature of ground surface is shallow2015年6月30日· Fused silica samples (JGS 2) Morphology and distribution of subsurface damage in optical fused silica parts: boundabrasive grinding Appl Surf Sci, 257 (2011), pp 20662073 View PDF View article View in Scopus Google Scholar [4] A Esmaeilzare, A Rahimi, SM RezaeiSurface roughening of ground fused silica processed by atmospheric

  • Effect of scratches on the damage characteristics of fused silica

    2022年4月1日· The strain rate of fused silica material can reach 10 2 ∼ 10 4 s − 1 under the impact action of highspeed dust and space debris Therefore, prior to explore the impact damage mechanism and evolution rules of fused silica components, the dynamic mechanical properties of fused silica under high strain rates must be obtained first2022年6月29日· Fused silica is an important optical material with important applications, where the surface must be precisely machined without subsurface damage In this study, multicyclic indentations under incremental loads were performed on fused silica using two kinds of indenters to clarify the mechanisms of crack generation and propagation inducedCrack Propagation Behavior of Fused Silica during Cyclic

  • Investigation of Grinding and Lapping Surface Damage Evolution of Fused

    2019年5月6日· Fused silica material has been widely applied in modern optical systems such as the inertial confinement fusion facility and the ultraviolet lithography system, for its excellent optical properties []However, in traditional fabrication of fused silica optics, the scratch, lateral and medial crack damages are inevitably produced during the grinding2015年11月15日· Section snippets Sample preparation Fused silica samples (JGS1) were obtained from Sikoy Optics & Electron Co Ltd with dimensions of 50 mm × 50 mm × 2 mmEach sample was polished with surface roughness of 080 nm (Rq) measured with atomic force microscope (AFM)Since contamination of preceding treatments [8],Optimum inductively coupled plasma etching of fused silica to

  • The distribution of subsurface damage in fused silica OSTIGOV

    2005年11月21日· Fused silica samples (10 cm diameter x 1 cm thick) were: (1) ground by loose abrasive grinding (alumina particles 930 {micro}m) on a glass lap with the addition of larger alumina particles at various concentrations with mean sizes ranging from 1530 {micro}m, or (2) polished (using 05 {micro}m cerium oxide slurry) on various laps2022年2月13日· Moreover, a thickness removal model of ground fused silica involving the cracks distribution characteristics, cracks etching behavior as well as the LIF variation of craters is established, in which the supposed etched depth is determined to promote the manufacturing efficiency and laser damage resistance of the materialEtching behavior of ground fused silica and light enhancement

  • Understanding the effect of HFbased wet shallow etching on

    The optical performance of fused silica optics used in highpower lasers is known to depend not only on their surface damage resistance, but also on their surface quality Previous studies have shown that good fused silica damage performance and surface quality can be achieved by the use of reactive ion etching (RIE), followed by HFbased2021年7月1日· Lin et al [24] analyzed the single grain scratching removal mechanism of fused silica by SPH method, and observed the process of crack initiation and propagation Solhtalab et al [25] used FEMSPH method to simulate the generation of subsurface cracks in the grinding process of BK7 optical glass, and obtained the subsurface damageTheoretical modeling and experimental analysis of singlegrain

  • ScienceDirect

    2023年3月1日· Fused silica samples (Shanghai Sikoty Optic & Electron Co, JGS2) with a thickness of 5 mm and diameter of 25 mm were cut, ground and polished in order of the conventional optical cold fabrication method The grinding and polishing equipment was a rockertype twoaxis polishing machine with a pitch pad and CeO 2 polishing powdersThe purities of fused quartz and fused silica are outstandingly high Synthetic fused silica from Heraeus contains total metallic contamination below 1ppm For fused quartz the amount is approximately 20 ppm and consists primarily of Al2O3 with much smaller amounts of alkalis, Fe 2 O 3, TiO 2, MgO and ZrO 2Properties of fused silica Heraeus

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