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  • Full article: A brief review on sustainable utilisation of marble

    From the above studies, utilisation of waste produced from marble mining and processing achieved economy in concrete production with conserving natural resources as well asMany quarry waste materials are being studied as sustainable materials [30,31,32,33,34,35,36]Ilıcalı [] researched the usability of Erdemir slag as anUtilization of marble piece wastes as base materials De Gruyter

  • Sustainable Use of Marble Waste in Industrial Production of Fired

    2021年8月23日· The addition of marble waste to fired clay bricks is an economical and effective solution to control soil erosion and marble waste utilization2022年1月1日· Utilization of waste materials from marble processing industry for sustainable pavement design Marble is used extensively in construction industry DuringUtilization of waste materials from marble processing industry for

  • (PDF) Utilization of marble piece wastes as base materials

    2020年11月2日· Environmental Engineering Engineering Waste Utilization of marble piece wastes as base materials License CC BY 40 Authors: Nazile Ural Gökhan2019年2月1日· Approximately 15% economic profit can be gained by recycling waste marble The results suggested that the utilization of waste marble in the production ofRecycling of marble waste: A review based on strength of

  • Experimental Study of the Usability of Recycling Marble

    2022年1月9日· To achieve this objective, these experimental tests were carried out on fine and coarse marble aggregate samples: sieve analysis, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, calcium carbonate content, scanning2011年3月1日· In this paper, we study the marble waste of FilFila quarry (wilaya of Skikda in the northeast of Algeria); the marble waste recycling is processed before use TheUse of waste marble aggregates in concrete ScienceDirect

  • Use of waste marble aggregates in concrete ScienceDirect

    2011年3月1日· Recent studies showed that marble waste can be used as aggregates for assorted construction materials Binici et al [1] have studied some mechanical properties2020年2月6日· Abstract During marble mining, processing, cutting and polishing, more than 12 MT (million tons) of marble waste is produced in the state of Rajasthan, India,Sustainable approach towards utilizing Makrana marble

  • Life Cycle Assessment of Cement Production with Marble Waste Sludges

    2021年10月19日· The construction industry has a considerable environmental impact in societies, which must be controlled to achieve adequate sustainability levels In particular, cement production contributes 5–8% of CO2 emissions worldwide, mainly from the utilization of clinker This study applied Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to2021年7月8日· Marble is currently a commonly used material in the building industry, and environmental degradation is an inevitable consequence of its use Marble waste occurs during the exploitation ofAn Experimental and Empirical Study on the Use of

  • Impact of marble waste as coarse aggregate on ScienceDirect

    2016年6月1日· In the present study, the generated waste was used in lean cement concrete as a replacement of conventional coarse aggregate in different percentages 20–100% by weight The idea of working on lean concrete mixes was maximum utilization of marble waste which saves the natural resources 22021年1月31日· So much of the work has been done on wastes available from Marble and Tiles The combined effect of waste marble powder (MP) and Ceramic tile waste (CTW) as partial replacement of Cement (10%Recycling of Ceramic Tiles and Marble Powder waste as Partial

  • The Sustainable Use of Fine Marble Waste Powder for the

    2017年7月12日· The utilization of marble waste for the treatment of problematic soils, as well as an additive in soil to improve its physical, strength and permeability characteristics are a worldwide practice However, such practice is not common in Oman because marble needs valorizationMARBLE WASTE UTILIZATION Sr No Utilization Area Utilization % 1 Structural fill ,Soil stabilization, and road embankment work 1015 2 Cement 1012 3 Aggregates 25 4 Bricks , Blocks, Tiles 1113 5 Paint ,Binder ,Plaster 25 6 Concrete roofing sheets 510KEYWORDS: marble, marble waste, waste management, marble

  • An Experimental and Empirical Study on the Use of Waste Marble

    2021年7月8日· The waste marble clay bricks exceeded the value according to ASTM in all the tested group samples (ie, with the addition of 5% to 30% of marble waste) An empirical equation was established between the water absorption capacity and the marble powder content, in order to compare the correlation coefficient value with the2018年1月1日· 62 Properties of waste marble powder/dust In this section, the physical and chemical properties, and also the microstructure of WMP, have been examined by comparing the studies in the literature The exact nature of the WMP depends on the structure of the marble, type of the cutting technique, and toll 621Waste marble powder/dust ScienceDirect

  • A brief review on sustainable utilisation of marble waste in concrete

    21 Use of marble waste as a partial replacement for conventional coarse aggregate Marble waste was judged as a potential replacement for conventional coarse aggregates first by Binici et al (2008) They had compared the behaviour of concrete mixes completely made with marble waste as coarse aggregate with mixes containing limestone aggregate2022年4月28日· The quarrying of marble and its processing to produce building materials often generates a negative impact on the environment In the Apuan Alps marble district, a renowned quarrying area in Italy since ancient times, the aquatic pollution of water bodies, caused by the presence of marble waste in the form of powder or sludge, represents aEffect of Marble Waste Powder as a Binder Replacement on the

  • Use of waste marble and granite dust in structural applications

    2022年4月1日· In this study, waste marble powder (WMP) was used to replace cement of concrete in specific amounts To accomplish this aim, WMP was replaced at 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% of the cement weight, and a reference concrete sample without WMP (REF) was created to compare the compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, and flexural2022年3月21日· Therefore, machine learning (ML) and data mining (DM) techniques can offer cost and timeeffective methods to simulate this behaviour Utilization of waste marble dust as an additive in cement production Mater Des, 31 (8) (2010), pp 40394042 View PDF View article View in Scopus Google Scholar [14]Machine learningbased compressive strength modelling of

  • Marble powder SlideShare

    2016年9月11日· 05 =weight of water/1472 weight of water=736 ml On the other hand, we need to calculate amount of marble powder by replacing with cement for 5% of marble powder we get the weight as =1472x年9月19日· This research combines technical, environmental, and economic aspects regarding the utilization of Bege Bahia marble waste (BB) in clinker production Three different ecofriendly clinkers were produced, investigated, and compared with one that is commercially available BB was used to replace 492%, 77%, and 803% of the limestoneSustainability | Free FullText | Valorization of Marble Waste

  • Resource efficiency impact on marble waste recycling towards

    2018年10月1日· Hebhoub et al, 2011 [22] studied the utilization of waste marble as natural aggregates replacement in concrete The concrete samples were manufactured at a constant water to cement ratio (05) using crushed natural gravel, The compounded rubber was subsequently cured in a compression molding machine at 170 °C for 20 min2022年3月24日· All over the world, increasing anthropogenic activities, industrialization, and urbanization have intensified the emissions of various pollutants that cause air pollution Marble quarries in Pakistan are abundant and there is a plethora of small and largescale industries, including mining and marblebased industries The air pollution caused by theSustainability | Free FullText | Marble Dust Effect on the Air

  • The Sustainable Use of Fine Marble Waste Powder for the

    Marble waste was added in percentages of 5, 10, 15 and 50% by dry weight of the sand The required amount of marble waste powder was added to a dry sand sample passing No 4 sieve (475 mm) The sand and marble waste were mixed thoroughly to a uniform color The summary of test specimens prepared for gradation analysis and compaction2021年8月23日· In the current study, waste marble powder was utilized to produce lightweight fired clay bricks and in the treatment of flue gases Marble waste powder used in clay bricks and flue gas treatment was collected from local marble processing plants, and its chemical composition was analyzed using energydispersive Xray analysis and XraySustainable Use of Marble Waste in Industrial Production of Fired


    1999年10月9日· ecological impacts of marble waste and highlighted ten different ways of proper utilization of marble waste in various applications like manufacturing of cement, roads, concrete, bricks etc to diminish the adverse environmental effects marble Key Words: mining, waste generation, environment and ecology 1 INTRODUCTION2020年11月2日· In conclusion, marble waste has been found suitable as a base material according to the Technical Specifications of Turkish Highways Flow chart of reusing marble waste processes The location of(PDF) Utilization of marble piece wastes as base materials

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